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Lilac of Damnation
lyrics: Mana / music:Mana
translated by faith

If you can’t see anything now, then never you shall
Incased in a sea of lapsed memories

If you feel naught now, touch something never you shall
The blossoms asleep in the water’s base embrace my ailing grief
With the impending pulsations

And in the time when the desolate garden releases its thorns
In life I now draw tinted hues in the bottomless gloom of the mirror
To the sky, and you

Exposed I’ll fall into a trap with the pure fragrance and perish
But somehow, even still, I’ll not become an angel
With those restrained thorns…
And should I take mysterious dreams as truth and an ephemeral passion…
well then…

Cover the coffin in curtain and I’ll be enfolded in inexhaustible pain
Quietly, discretely

A humble method, amidst entwined contemplations
At the last moment I’ll line my casket with my full matured love
And silently rest in peace

You clown feigning the form of a holy goddess!
While covered in poison, a pitiful stringed doll,
Like a lilac I’ll be enfolded in their pure fragrance, to die and rot away
And if I nevertheless still take an angel’s evil to be like the transient blooms…
Well now…