-malice mizer-
-eve of destiny-
-schwarz stein-

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lyrics: Mana / music:Mana
translated by faith

Behind the shape of things, deep in that phenomena, there appears form in illusion.
Represent the day dream.
Draw out the side of deep illusionarity that exists in the depth of things
tangible as a daydream

Expel the latent, what exists in truth, in essence.
Look to the outside and liberate yourself from the form of things
Search for the true essence existing behind them

Throw away rigid style. Break the swing.
Break away from formal beauty / Eliminate rhythm

See here the euphony of which you've taken hold
The indicated secret sign will lead to a hidden door
You won't see it with your eyes. Close your lids
while in subconscience halfasleep
Glittering brilliantly blue.

Affected material culture. Reclaim humanity.
A strain poisoned by material civilization
All life reborn

Free of shape, natural moment, describe as dot image.
Not confined by shape, an impression of natural instants, depicted as in dot form

Seek, feel, throw away rigid style.
Rest, awake, break the balance and swing.
Eliminate rhythm, equilibrium

My broken euphoria is enfolded within ideal
And my wings lose their sparkle

Were I to exist in a cage I’d be rocked by the dreaming
A Realist to disappear with the limits of the world

The Philosophia asleep in the mirror

The fated raison d'etre