-malice mizer-
-eve of destiny-
-schwarz stein-

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lyrics: Mana / music:Mana
translated by faith

A beam of pallid light illuminates the cross
A rusted bell tolls in the melancholy wind

Joined with the sacred hymn that penetrates my cursed soul
I will to take my leave

While painted over by the light of hope…

In full glory I cross over time and rise on up high
Ah, this coursing eulogy to heresy! Let it resound, resound to the end of the world

Blossoming in profusion, tonight throw everything away
And show me the proof of your reality, now, before my eyes

Evil reflects in the flickering of the flames,
And if they obliterate the shadows, spew it out...

Now , while amidst the gathering illumination…

Yes this is the magnificent, the sacred Dixanadu
Kiss here among its thorns of love drenched in deepest sin

You need not speak, but to rise to the world supreme

Above the thousands of corpses red