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-eve of destiny-
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translated by Rizumu
I’ve arrived in Japan safely.
It was a rich European trip this time as well.
We held a signing in Paris, but with our timing
it was pandemonium downtown with even students around,
so it was a real struggle to get to the signing building.
The Germany live fell exactly on my birthday, so
that was a little surprise which made it really enjoyable.
After this there’s just the final on 5/2 at Shibuya-AX.
Let’s gather there.
translated by Lede
Well, it seems there are 10 days left until the tour final at Shibuya-AX on May 2.
We are in the midst of rehearsal.
Moi dix Mois has been preparing a new sound, I'd like for you to look forward to it.
The Europe tour was a passing through of a stage, and we powered up.
[something I don't understand]

Well, at the coming May 2 Shibuya-AX live, we shall dye the hall into darkness.

[something else, can't look it up because the kanji are too damned small.]

PS. To Mon†Amour members: The Madousho you've been waiting for will be ready soon.
This time, we'll excavate the inner aspects of the new Moi dix Mois.
Please look forward to it.
5/18/06 "We Are Japan"
translated by Lede
We'll be doing 5 shows in the US.
It's our first time in the US, so I'm excited.
We'll be coming around July.
After we finish the America tour, we'll be returning to Japan,
and from August onwards, we'll start our monthly lives.
To our fans in Japan, surely we'll fill the halls, so don't worry about it.
Already, the German festival is arriving.
This time we'll only be at a festival, and I'm excited to be performing at it.
This time, the only Japanese people there will be us, Moi dix Mois.
We'll come attacking with Japanese spirit.

6/1/06 "Setting Off"
translated by Lede
Well, then, we're heading off to Germany.
Please hope for our safety.
Since our performance is happening right around the time of the World Cup, I wonder if we'll be able to feel their enthusiasm.
Well, maybe the Gothic-type people aren't really connected with that?
But this Gothic Festival takes place over 4 days,
so I guess we'll feel the dark enthusiasm of all the people who seem to gather there.

Next, I've put up our schedule for the monthly lives,
so please check and look.
We should have 3 lives from August to the end of the year.
I plan to be in the midst of creating music at the same time.

By all means [dictionary says "with sense of not taking 'no' for an answer"], please look forward to it for me.

6/7/06 "Barely Escaping Alive"
translated by Lede
Somehow or another, we've safely returned to Japan.

We were returning from Leipzig to Munchen in a propeller plane, when a terrifying thing happened: fuselage trouble!! (cold sweat)

Even with things like that happening, we safely made it home, and I wonder if all your prayers for me helped make it possible.

And then, the German Gothic Festival was amazing.
The hall was absolutely crowded to its limit with so many people, and it was wrapped in a dark, wild enthusiasm.

For the event organizer, it was their first tori [?] with Japanese people, and they said it was amazing, how the calls for Moi dix Mois echoed and resounded throughout the crowded hall. Outside of our plans, we did an encore, and it was an indescribable feeling, playing in this supreme Gothic Night.

And walking in broad daylight downtown, seeing a scene of people wearing pitch black, it was an amazing culture shock.
It's a scene I wish was more prominent in our home country, Japan.

Up next is our August live in Japan, and we're not going to give up on an overseas show.

Look forward to the next Madousho - there will be a detailed account of our journey.

6/26/06 "To the US"
translated by Lede
Even though the US tour was canceled,
it's definitely been decided that at the Expo on July 1st, I'll be on a panel discussion
and will be appearing for a signing event, so I'll be off now.
Pray for a safe trip for me.

7/6/06 "And the US Blazed"
translated by Rizumu and Lede
I've just arrived safely in Japan.

This time I had my first expedition to America.

There were far more people gathered at AnimeExpo than I had expected.

The instant the specially compiled Moi dix Mois live digest was shown on the projector screen, I shook with emotion from the great cheers that rose up loud enough to make me think "is this a live?".

The panel discussion really lifted me up as well and was the best.

I had planned to cap the handshake meeting at 200 people, but there was a mistake in how they distributed the passes to participate, so close to 1000 people lined up.

The time I had had already been decided, so I signed and shook hands with as many of you lined up as I could, but for those I couldn't there's no excuse.
trans. by Rizumu

We're working on realizing the idea of an American Tour, so by all means, I'd like it if you'd come again to meet me.

This time, I was able to feel the warm regards from all of the Americans.

Hoping that an American tour can be realized quickly...
trans. by Lede
7/20/06 "Angel of Lament"
translated by Lede
I'm home, and we are in the midst of recording the reborn Moi dix Mois' first maxi single, on sale in October.
For this recording, Sugiya and Hayato are also taking part in it, for the first time.
There will be 3 songs, and instrumentals are included.
We've announced the title song at lives, and its twin guitar harmony makes it a beautiful, dramatic and hard song.
After that is our pre-existing, overwhelming song, "forbidden", and we've re-recorded a song that gives off a dark, jungle beat unique to that song, "Perish".

And then, a second release is also waiting, so look forward to it for me.

8/1/06 "I will give you------"
translated by Lede
It's August, and the time to break into the start of our monthly live shows is coming up.
Undefeated by the heat of summer, we'll show a hotly violent live.
[something about eating eels for power?]

Next, I'm currently in the middle of the final stages of recording, so the days have been busy.

The versions of "forbidden" and "perish" recorded on this single are newly evolved, so look forward to it.

The title song, "Lamentful Miss" has also been dramatically finished, so look forward to that, too.

P.S. We've created a pamphlet of the reborn Moi dix Mois.
It includes photos from our March revival live up to the present and things like the band history and discography.

It'll be on sale at the first date of our monthly live shows, August 17 at Daikanyama UNIT, so you must check for it!!

8/19/06 "When Daikanyama was dyed into darkness"
translated by Lede
The live has ended, and I'm breathing a sigh of relief.

At this live, it seems like we were even able to blow away the feel of Japan's hot summer,
I could really feel the power of everyone's warm love, and I was deeply moved by this dix Love.
It was a mood somewhat dissimilar to anything we've done up until now, [not sure there], I could often see the raised up hands of even those in the far back, and it was quite the wonderful sight.
I'm looking forward to the live at Liquid Room 1 month from now.
Well, save up all your strength in preparation for me.

9/16/06 "M.L.V. 2"
translated by Lede
Our next Monthly Live, coming on the 18th -
have you saved up enough power for it?
[something about knowing a password?]......fu fu fu [using kanji for 'rot/decay']
At this Monthly Live,
let us deepen our love.
There's various things I want to show you,
and there's plenty of things I want you to hear, so please look forward to it.

9/28/06 "rendezvous"
translated by Lede
Our monthly live the other day has ended without any problems,
I've just started setting things up and planning for our next live.

Next, on December 26 is Dis inferno Vol ([kanji I can't read]) ~LAST YEAR PARTY~, at SHIBUYA O-EAST.
On this day, a new facet of our members will be visible.
It'll be a very precious event.

[a little piece I don't get. Sorry]

On October 14, I'll be carrying out a "Secret Meeting" in the Shinjuku Christon Cafe.
It's a special Moi meme Moitie event
that's become a yearly custom.

For those who don't know already, I shall explain a little bit.
It's a romantic event, a rendezvous of just the two of us in a space of fascination.
I will escort you to this world of bewitchment.
By all means, please come at your most stylish.
Wrapped in sweet blue roses, falling into a sweet darkness....
You are already unable to return. Fufufu...
It's quite appropriate for a romantic autumn
I'm hoping it will become a sweet, dreamlike memory.


If you'd like to find out a little more about the "Secret Meeting", please go look at the Marui homepage.

By the way, males are also welcome.
10/5/06 "One more thing...."
translated by Lede
I wonder, have you listened to the NEW SINGLE "Lamentful Miss" which went on sale on the fourth yet?
Were you able to see the new reality within you?
Fu fu fu...
It's not an easy thing to find.
By all means, please send me any thoughts or feelings you had after listening.
Well, to make our next production, I've been spending night after night on it.
I've made a melancholic, aggressive song and a lyrical, dramatic song, one after the other.
Please look forward to them.

10/9/06 "On top of that hill..."
translated by Lede
It seems like the ticket limit for the secret meeting has been reached.
Thanks. [written 'sankusu' in katakana]
I wonder, in what sort of manner will you come to see me?
From here on I'm very happy about it.
On top of a hill with a single cedar tree, while a soft breeze blows
I'll be waiting for you, with that feeling.
I'm anticipating the secret meeting, this special day which only occurs once a year.

10/17/06 "Our Reunion on that Hill...."
translated by Lede
The other day's secret meeting has ended, and right now I'm overflowing with warm feelings.
I could feel all your warm thoughts towards me,
and now I'm bubbling and excited with power for tomorrow.
This special, once-a-year secret meeting day has practically become sustenance for me to live.
I'm still hoping to be able to meet with you again next year.

11/17/06 "Return Home"
translated by Lede
First off, I've returned home safely, somehow or another.
On the return airplane, I could feel the jet coasters, and I broke out in a bit of a cold sweat. You~~~~Air currents!!

An American live is planned for sometime around spring.

Next, it's been decided that on February 16 at ZEPP TOKYO, we'll be performing for an event called Stylish Wave.

It's an event taking place over several days, so it should be very enjoyable.

But first, we shall meet at the coming November 23 O-EAST show.

(date missing) "Up Next is Last Year"
translated by Lede
The live show has ended, and right now I'm taking a small breather, and rushing about in preparation for Dis inferno in December.
At long last, we've burst into recording for an album.
We'll be violently burnt out for December's Last Year Party.

It'll serve as a nice closer for the year.

I don't know what sort of things will fly out, but it's a big party, happening only once a year,
so everyone come dressed in your best finery, and we'll make it exciting.

The new SHOXXbis has just gone on sale with an on-location photoshoot, so please take a look.
& the new Gothic & Lolita Bible [#23] also has an on-location shoot, and I feel it came out nicely, so please look at that, too.

12/5/06 "We're gonna be flashy!" [or something to that effect]
translated by Lede
Right now, I'm in the middle of album recording.
But at the same time, I'm working on preparations for Dis inferno on the 26th, so I kind of feel like shrieking right now.

Saying that, we're making sure we're prepared to play some suspiciously showy Wild Rock for Dis inferno [?]

And on January 8 of next year, we'll be appearing on a public radio recording.
It seems it'll take place at a spot called BOXX in Shibuya.
This will be Moi dix Mois' first public recording, so if you can, please come to see us, all right?

But first, I'll see you at Dis inferno on the 26th.

12/25/06 "Me. Ku* [Merii Kurisumasu]"
translated by Lede
So, what kind of a Christmas did you have?
Me, I'm all excited in preparation for Dis inferno tomorrow.
Let's have the flashiest rock show in JAPAN, BABY!! [ok, I added the caps. it felt more exciting]
So for a noisy, boisterous night - kanpai!!